How to design a cozy bedroom in a small room

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You dream of a cozy yet stylish bedroom but you only have a small space to work with? No problem! With a little bit of creativity and these pro tips, you will turn your small bedroom into one of your favorite rooms in the house!

  • Keeping it Minimalist & Simple

Keeping it simple is a great way to give your bedroom more space.

Over the years, we all accumulate objects we actually don’t need. Take some time to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring anything special to the room but do take a lot of space. Keep only what you need and bring you joy.

For your furniture, keeping it simple and streamlined will also help to make the room feel more spacious.

  • Creating Contrast

Adding a dark accent wall to an all-while space creates contrast and depth to a room. This can also be done by playing with two bold contrasting colors. Get creative! Contrasting colors and textures can come from paint and wallpaper but also soft furnishings such as beddings and drapes.

  • Focusing on the bed

 When you have a small room, there might not be a lot more than just your bed. No problem! This is the most important aspect of your bedroom, so let’s just focus on it!

Treat your bed as an integral part of your decoration: get extra pillows, colorful blankets, a new headboard, and place a large rug under it.

  • Making it brighter

Making sure there is sufficient light in the room is important to make it look more spacious. Bring in as much natural light as possible by removing what could potentially block light from coming in through the windows. Adding an accent pendant light will also make the room cozier.

  • Creating storage

In a small space, you can create more storage by taking advantage of the height of the room. Add floating shelves to free up space from the floor and making it a part of your decoration.

  • Dressing your windows with floor-length drapes

Choose floor-length drapes to dress your bedroom windows. It will give a very elegant and warm style to the room. By picking long drapes in a similar color to the walls, you will create a visual effect that will also make the room feel bigger.

Turn your small space into the coziest bedroom! Contact us if you would like the help of our team.