14 Stone Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Really Rock

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Considering a stone kitchen backsplash? First of all, good choice. They’re beautiful, timeless, and add a ton of character to any kitchen. In selecting, there are two very different aesthetic routes you can choose from: rough, textured stacked stones that create a rustic, organic look, or sleek, modern stone backsplashes, like quartzite or marble.

Stone backsplashes are not without their drawbacks though. If you’re an avid home cook, you may want to avoid stacked, rough stones, or commit to a regular cleaning schedule, as wayward grease and spills will inevitably find their way into the nooks and crannies. Natural stone needs to be continually resealed too. How often? That depends on the type of stone (travertine, for instance, is more porous than granite, meaning it’ll need to be sealed more often), but you’re likely looking at annual or bi-annual resealing.

If you can commit to a little bit of maintenance, stone backsplashes provide endless charm and elegance to everyone’s favorite room to congregate in. Scroll on for stylish stone backsplashes to inspire your own kitchen design.

4. Go for Elegance With a Marble Mosaic

Nothing screams “elegant” like marble, that’s for sure. Jamie King of JLK Interiors chose a beveled edge marble for this kitchen, laying it vertically to draw the eye up, creating the illusion of height. It’s endlessly elegant, so it will last decade after decade without becoming dated.

“The addition of the marble mosaic inlay enhanced the details in the cabinetry while adding additional interest to the backsplash,” she says—and we agree.

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