17 Ways to Use Rattan Furnishings in Any Room of Your Home

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Pay attention to your Instagram feed, friends’ houses, and interior design sites (like this one!) and you’ll see rattan furniture everywhere these days. No wonder: the woven reed-like wood works both indoors and outdoors, in a variety of pieces, from light fixtures to bar stools to coffee tables. Rattan is as versatile as it is strong as it is casual, with its island vacation vibes. All those qualities combined make for desirable furniture pieces in any area of your home.

Let’s clear up one common misconception about rattan though: rattan and wicker are not the same things, though they’re often confused. Rattan is a material; wicker is a form of weaving. So while rattan can be wicker, not all wicker is made from rattan.

Now, let’s have a look at 17 ways top interior designers have been including rattan in rooms of all kinds, from living rooms to offices to bedrooms and beyond. You just might be inspired to include a woven element into your space soon.

1. Use Rattan to Add Texture

As a southern California designer, Jamie King of JLK Interiors gravitates towards the natural elements often, whether that’s through color, textures, or materials, like rattan.

“Rattan provides that perfect touch of coastal elegance without being too beachy and literal,” King says, who personally loves to use the woven wood in kitchens. “It adds texture and dimension to an otherwise utilitarian space.”

9. Create a Charming Home Office

“Rattan is a wonderful option for almost any design aesthetic,” King says.“It is both functional yet visually appealing and its natural texture adds warmth to any environment.” Like in, say, a home office as shown above.

“Rattan is also highly durable, and with people spending more time at home, it can take a good amount of wear and tear,” King says, which makes it a perfect material for a home office (or homework nook) chair.

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