9 Decorating Trends Everyone in Los Angeles is Obsessed With

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We love, love, love our homes in Los Angeles, and that affection has only grown stronger during the months of social distancing. “The year we have come out of informs where our interior design is at now,” says Los Angeles-based designer Jamie King of JLK Interiors. “The way we are now living in our homes has completely changed because of the pandemic, and it’s the reason our designers and contractors are so busy they can’t even see straight.” From making major refreshes to exploring decorating styles we learn about on TikTok, we’re always wanting to improve our crib. So we caught our favorite design talents between client meetings and project management visits and got them to tell us what’s fabulous right now.


“Because we live in SoCal, we can use the outdoors, so let’s do a seating area with a great backdrop in case the kids are too loud,” says King. “I just did a space for a bigwig for Netflix and he’s got three kids who are virtual schooling,” she says. “So we created a custom sectional in a big outdoor space, boosted the WiFi, created a beautiful backdrop and even installed a flatscreen TV so he can mirror his Mac on it. Now every time he’s on a Zoom call, people ask ‘Are you on vacation?’”



King says that her clients want more of a permanent working space. “It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a dedicated room or home office, it means a space that the client can work from. Coming back in our kitchen design is desks,” she says. “It used to be a given, a big desk space in a luxurious kitchen, then people just moved to the island, where they’d have a USB port. Now they crave a desk with drawers and a place to put their files.”

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