9 more designers divulge their client red flags

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When Business of Home asked designers to share their biggest red flags when working with new clients, we were flooded with more responses than we could fit in a single edition of Trade Tales! So, here’s another round of insight, this time from nine designers—Rydhima BrarAlyse EisenbergMalka HelftRebecca Johnston, Jamie L. King, Mimi MeachamNayoka SimoneKalah TalancyDonyea Tollie—on client behaviors that they can’t abide.


“For us, it is when the client starts asking if we can reduce our hourly fee or restructure the way we bill. Past experience has proven that the client that starts out wanting to change the way we do business ends up being a problem client with no boundaries. Would someone walk into Nordstrom and try to negotiate the price of an item or critique how they do business? We have learned that although it is hard to turn down work at times, having a client that isn’t the right fit usually ends with a very unhappy designer—and an unhappy client.” —Jamie L. King, JLK Interiors, Los Angeles

Jamie L. King
Courtesy of Jamie L. King

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