Granada Hills Traditional

Estate on the Hill

Location: Long Canyon Estates, Simi Valley, California
Rooms/Focus Area: Entire Home Remodel
Design Style: Spanifornia
Project Description:

This comprehensive remodel of a home in Long Canyon Estates transformed the once dark and heavy Mediterranean style into a bright, modern Spanifornia aesthetic. The project included the remodeling of five bathrooms, the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, flex space, and office.

Design Insights:

The Long Canyon Estates remodel harmoniously blends modern and traditional elements, creating a bright and inviting home. The kitchen features sleek black countertops and light cabinetry, offering a striking contrast and modern elegance, while the open layout fosters seamless interaction with the living area. The family room, with its light color palette and minimalist decor, exudes a fresh ambiance, enhanced by stylish accents like the geometric light fixture. The staircase area is highlighted by a classic black piano and modern chandelier, blending traditional and contemporary elements. The living room’s neutral tones and sleek fireplace create a spacious and sophisticated feel, perfectly aligning with the client’s vision for a modern, comfortable home.